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October LiveJournal Meetup

Voting for the next LiveJournal Meetup is open. It's on Tuesday, October 22 at 8:00PM.

The showing for the last SF one was pretty dismal. It could have been even worse for the next one, considering the locations chosen by However, I sent them e-mail and they changed one of the locations, from Peet's Coffee & Tea in Mill Valley to People's Cafe on Haight Street.

Here are the possible San Francisco Meetup locations:

People's Cafe, 1419 Haight St, San Francisco, CA
Happy Doughnuts, 1794 Haight St, San Francisco, CA
Rockin Java Coffee House, 1821 Haight St, San Francisco, CA

I also told them at Happy Doughnuts isn't even open at 8:00pm, when the Meetup takes place, but for some reason they decided not to change it.

Rockin Java Coffee House was the last location, and it wasn't a good choice. They had an open mic. night that evening, with really bad performers.

Here's the other Bay Area location choices:

East Bay ("Oakland-Alameda")

Jupiter, 2181 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, CA
Bowling Center, 300 Park Street, Alameda, CA
Java Rama, 1333 Park St., Alameda, CA

(Hey, look, another bowling alley! :)

South Bay ("San Jose")

Starbucks Coffee, 1037 El Monte Ave, Mountain View, CA
Coffee Society, 21265 Stevens Creek Blvd., Cupertino, CA
Blue Rock Shoot, 14523 Big Basin Way, Saratoga, CA
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Haha - none of the SJ locations are in San Jose!
But that's ok - just observing.
sooo... are these things open to anyone? is there an agenda? or is it just a hang out so everyone can meet each other?


(Everyone's welcome, there's no agenda, and it is indeed just to hang out and meet each other. Check for details.)

-= Lunatic
sounds cool, i'd be interested in going if i dont have anything else happenen.
I attended the /. Meetup at Jupiter in Berkeley, it's a great restaurant, but a sucky place for a conversation.

Very loud, very crowded and has a ground floor, a patio and a upstairs, so finding anyone is pain.

I voted Java Rama in Alameda, but depending on other things happening that day, I could end up at the Mountain View or Cupertino locations.
they seem interesting but... hmm... how would I even know who was an LJer? and well.... which meet up area tends to have the most show?