80's fantasy classic DRAGONSLAYER, free on the big screen

Thurdsays, 8 PM
at Melt Cafe, North Beach, SF
700 Columbus Ave. (just across from the Washington Square playground)

This Thursday night, our fantasy series continues with DRAGONSLAYER

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Admission is FREE, but a donation in the form of a food purchase is what keeps us able to show great, classic movies at this cool venue.

upcoming films-

/80's "Kids on a quest" series/

Sept. 14- Stand By Me
Sept. 21- Explorers ('85- Phoenix, Hawke)
Sept. 28- The Goonies

/Swashbuckler series/

Oct. 5- Captain Blood
Oct. 12- Scaramouche
Oct. 19- Cutthroat Island

"It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown"
Tourist Trap
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Sweet beautiful cat to loving home

I am moving back home with my mother, and cannot take my baby girl with me.

Boo is 2 years old, fixed and very calm. She is poly/kink aware and has been known to fall asleep on a leather corset or on top of a cane... She loves to just watch people, and cars or birds. She is beautiful and soft, and while she may be a bit shy, she loves to sit next to me in the morning when i have my tea. She will stand almost all the way up for a treat. She is very quiet, and lovse to play. She doesn't bite, and when you play rough with her, she'll lunge like she's going to bite, stop short, and lick instead. She loves boxes and curling up in closets. I've never had a problem with her scratching at drapes or clothes.

Right now I have a friend who is willing to give her a home, but somehow I just can't see my indoor only kitty living happily with chickens and ducks and dogs and other cats in a house right next to a very busy street.

Free litter box, drinkwell water fountain, food, food dishes and cat carrier to whoever can take her.

Please see the poor qualitypictures.Collapse )

Here are 2 pictures of Boo from when she was a kitten. Her markings are still as bold and exactly the same, she's just bigger and a bit more well loved.


Please respond to phoenixice2002 on AIM, kelleygrl02 on Y!, megkelley@hotmail.com on MSN messenger, or send an email to lady.phoenix.ice@gmail.com.

Sincerly, and with much hope,
Phoenix ~aka~ Meg

P.S. sorry about any cross posting...
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I'm currently a junior in high school. This year, I left my traditional Catholic school and am attending high school online (the high school is based in California) and also taking dual-credit college classes at a community college. I'm currently trying to establish residency in California. Two years ago I ended up at a rock camp in Northern California and fell in love with the place. I had always just planned to go back to Scotland(that's where I moved to Florida from) for college, but California changed my mind. I've been back several times and my friend is letting me use the address of her adpartment for residency. I'm getting a CA license and I have someone to say I worked for them. I want to go to a college around the bay area probably for music and/or business.Now here's my questions

1. Can anyone give me the name of a west coast bank where I can set up an account online? Bank of America is trying to tell me I'm not a permanent US resident, even though I do hold a valid green card.
2. Do you know anyone else who has established residency in Ca while not living there? Did they have a problem?
3. College suggestions also appreciated.

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m about to be homeless in san francisco and I don't know anyone. the guy who was supposed to meet me at the airport bailed at the last minute and left town. so i may be stranded or living in the woods. does anyone need a roommate or know of a good place to camp? thanx

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Japanese Girls SAMURAI US tour 2004

Petty Booka: Ukulele-playing duo
BLEACH: 3 girls Thrashy punk from Okinawa
Noodles: All Girl Alternative Guitar band
Kokeshi Doll: The new breed of Japanesque noise!
TSU SHI MA MI RE: Japanese Girlie Rock Trio

March 26th
@ Studio z / SF
*Time :8:00pm - 2:00am * Genres : Rock/Pop, /punk/World Music
*Price F$10 *Age F21+ w/ID
*address: 14 11th Street SF San Francisco,CA 94103-4314
*P: 1.415.252.7666 *info@studioz.tv
*Petty Booka , Noodles , Bleach , Kokeshi Doll

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sanjoseanime San Jose Anime is a community for those who live in the San Jose, San Faransico, Morgan Hill or Gilroy area who enjoy anime, manga, jpop and jrock. This community is for those who want to search for people with similar interest and live somewhat close to each other.

Feel free to join the communitiy and fill out the survey, who knows who'd you find. sanjoseanime !!

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