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Sweet beautiful cat to loving home

I am moving back home with my mother, and cannot take my baby girl with me.

Boo is 2 years old, fixed and very calm. She is poly/kink aware and has been known to fall asleep on a leather corset or on top of a cane... She loves to just watch people, and cars or birds. She is beautiful and soft, and while she may be a bit shy, she loves to sit next to me in the morning when i have my tea. She will stand almost all the way up for a treat. She is very quiet, and lovse to play. She doesn't bite, and when you play rough with her, she'll lunge like she's going to bite, stop short, and lick instead. She loves boxes and curling up in closets. I've never had a problem with her scratching at drapes or clothes.

Right now I have a friend who is willing to give her a home, but somehow I just can't see my indoor only kitty living happily with chickens and ducks and dogs and other cats in a house right next to a very busy street.

Free litter box, drinkwell water fountain, food, food dishes and cat carrier to whoever can take her.

Please see the poor quality

Here are 2 pictures of Boo from when she was a kitten. Her markings are still as bold and exactly the same, she's just bigger and a bit more well loved.

Please respond to phoenixice2002 on AIM, kelleygrl02 on Y!, on MSN messenger, or send an email to

Sincerly, and with much hope,
Phoenix ~aka~ Meg

P.S. sorry about any cross posting...
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